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      中华考试网   2019-04-19   【


        • Topic Area: Traffic and Transportation

        • Topic: Solving Traffic Jams


        • 1. Is your campus far from the city center? Where is it located?

        • 2. Do you often go outside the campus? Where do you usually go?

        • 3. What means of transportation do you use to travel in your city?

        • 4. What means of transportation do you like most? (Why?)

        • 5. Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam? (Please say sth. about it.)

        Solving Traffic Jams (for candidates)

        • The following is one way of solving traffic jams. Please elaborate and offer your comments.

        • 1. Develop public transportation

        • 2. Limit the use of private cars

        • 3. Implement flexible working hours


        • Why in reality it is so difficult to solve traffic jams

        More questions

        • 1. Do you think public transportation in your city has improved or gotten worse in recent years? (Please give an example.)

        • 2. Do you think the subway might be the best solution to traffic jams? (Why or why not?)

        • 3. Do you think we should encourage more people to ride bicycles? (Why or why not?)

        • 4. What do you think students can do to help solve traffic jams?

        • 5. Do you want to have your own car some day?

        • 6. During the discussion, why did you say that…?



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