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      中华考试网(www.worldwidecrazy.com)    [ 2019年5月4日 ]  【

        1. If you don’t know the word, why don’t you ___ in the dictionary?

        A. look at it B. look after it C. look up it D. look it up

        2. Because of my poor English I’m afraid I can’t make myself____.

        A. understand B. to understand C. understanding D. understood

        3. To succeed in a scientific research project ___.

        A. one needs to be persistent B. persistence is needed

        C. one needs be a persistent person D. persistence is what one needs

        4. Wood does not conduct electricity; _____.

        A. so doesn’t rubber B. also doesn’t rubber

        C. nor does rubber D. nor rubber does

        5. I found ___ to answer all the questions within the time given.

        A. no possibility B. there was impossibility C. impossible D. it impossible

        6. Being college students of new China, we should never fail to ___ the expectation of the Party and the people.

        A. make use of B. give rise to C. get rid of D. live up to

        7. You can’t depend on John to ____ some practical suggestions for increasing sales.

        A. come up with B. come up to C. come to D. come across

        8. The factory ___ 1 000 buses each year.

        A. turns over B. turns on C. turns out D. turns into

        9. Mary is the most ___ secretary I’ve ever had.

        A. efficiency B. efficient C. effect D. affect

        10. It is ___ that he will come at midnight.

        A. maybe B. lovely C. lively D. likely

        11. Many things ___ impossible in the past are common now.

        A. considered B. considering C. to consider D. to be considered

        12. The factory is said ___ in a fire two years ago.

        A. to be destroyed B. to destroy

        C. to have destroyed D. to have been destroyed

        13. The reason for his success is ____ he worked hard.

        A. why B. that C. because D. for

        14. By the time the course ends, ___ a lot about Britain.

        A. we’ll learn B. we are learning C. we have learnt D. we’ll have learnt

        15. I did not know ___ him or not.

        A. whether to help B. if to help C. how to help D. what to help

        16. Not only I but also Ted and Mary ____ fond of watching TV.

        A. am B. is C. are D. be

        17. I am sure that ___ you say is true.

        A. who B. what C. which D. why

        18. The house is dark, the Browns ____ to bed.

        A. should go B. should have gone C. must go D. must have gone

        19. The mother ___ the baby from his deep sleep.

        A. aroused B. rose C. arose D. raised

        20. The plane _____ from the airport and headed north toward Shanghai.

        A. took away B. took up C. took over D. took off

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