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        Several years ago , while attending a communication course , I experienced a most unusual process . The instructor asked us to list 36 in our past that we felt 37 of , regretted , or incomplete about and read our lists aloud.

        This seemed like a very 38 process , but there’s always some 39 soul in the crowd who will volunteer . The instructor then 40 that we find ways to 41 people , or take some action to right any wrong doings . I was seriously wondering how this could ever 42 my communication .

        Then the man next to me raised his hand and volunteered this story : “Making my 43 , I remembered an incident from high school . I grew up in a small town . There was a Sheriff 44 of us kids liked . One night , my two buddies (伙伴)and I decided to play a 45 on him . After drinking a few beers , we climbed the tall water tank in the middle of the town and wrote on the tank in bright red paint : “Sheriff Brown is an S.O.B. The next day , almost the whole town saw our glorious 46 . within two hours , Sheriff Brown had us to his office . My friends told the truth but I lied . No one 47 found out .”

        “Nearly 20 years later , Sheriff Brown’s name 48 on my list . I didn’t even know if he was still 49 . Last weekend , I dialed the information in my hometown and found there was a Roger Brown still listed . I tried his number . After a few 50 , I heard , “Hello?” I said , “Sheriff Brown?” Paused . “Yes .” “ well , this is Jimmy Calkins . And I want you to know that I did it .” Paused . “I knew it !” he yelled back . We had a good laugh and a 51 discussion . His closing words were “ Jimmy , I always felt bad for you 52 you

        buddies got it off their chest , but you were carrying it 53 all these years . I want to thank you for calling me … for you sake .”

        Jimmy inspired me to 54 all 101 items on my list within two years, and I always remember what I learned from the course : It’s never too late to 55 the past wrong doing .

        36 . A. somethingB. anythingC. somebodyD. anybody

        37. A. ashamedB. afraidC. sureD. proud

        38. A. privateB. secretC. interestingD. funny

        39 . A. foolishB. politeC. simpleD. brave

        40 . A. expectedB. suggestedC. orderedD. demanded

        41. A. connect withB. depend onC. make apologies toD. get along with

        42. A. improveB. continueC. realizeD. keep

        43. A. notesB. listC. planD. stories

        44. A. anyB. mostC. moreD. all

        45. A. partB. gameC. trickD. record

        46. A. viewB. signC. attentionD. remark

        47. A. alsoB. evenC. stillD. ever

        48. A. appearsB. considersC. presentsD. remembers

        49. A. angryB. happyC. doubtfulD. alive

        50. A. wordsB. ringsC. repeatsD. calls

        51. A. coldB. plainC. nervousD. lively

        52. A. in caseB. so long asC. unlessD. because

        53. A. aroundB. outC. onD. away

        54. A. buildB. make upC. clear upD. give up

        55. A. regretB. forgiveC. rightD. punish

        36.DAADB 41.CABCC 46. BDADB 51. DDACC



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