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        1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr White____ the visitors around it.

        A. went on to show B. went on showing C. went on with showing D. kept on showing

        2. -- Tom works hard at English.?-- _____, and _____.

        A. So does he; so you do B. So you do; so is he C. So he will; so do you D. So he does; so do you

        3. When you write to him, please _____ him.

        A. give my loves to B. give my regard to C. remember me to D. give my wishes for

        4. We have done things we ought not to have done and_____ undone things we ought to have done.

        A. left B. leave C. will leave D. leaving

        5. People are puzzled _____ they read the book.

        A. the first time B. at the first time C. for the first time D. at first

        6. In some countries,_____ are called "public schools" are not owned by the state.

        A. that B. which C. as D. what

        7. -- The boy is tall enough _____ his age. --Yes, I was much _____ when I was his age.

        A. to; shorter B. at; taller C. at; shorter D. for; shorter

        8. --Who are you waiting for? -- _____ the man wounded in the left leg.

        A. The doctor will operate on B. Tie nurse to be looked after

        C. The doctor to operate on D. His brother got

        9. --How did you _____ the movie last night? --Oh, both interesting and instructive.

        A. find B. consider C. think D. feel

        10. With his son _____, the old man felt unhappy.

        A. to disappoint B. to be disappointed C. disappointing D. being disappointed

        11. The food tastes _____ and sells _____.

        A. well; well B.good; good C. good; well D.well; good

        12. The sun was shining brightly, _____ everything there _____ more beautiful.

        A. making; look B. to make; looked C. and made; looking D. and making; be looked

        13. It' s too late to go out now. _____, it's starting to rain.

        A. Besides B. Meanwhile C. However D. Anyhow

        14. Everybody in the little town knew my first teacher, so we had no ____ finding his home.

        A. difficulties in B. difficulty with C. difficulty D. difficulty to

        15. I can't understand it, will you please _____ once more?

        A. explain that word B. repeat that word C. explain us that word D. explain that word for us

        16. --How often do you go to the library?--______.

        A. In two days B. Every few days C. Each third day D. Every a few days

        17. We are just _____ calling you up _____ you come in.

        A. about; when B. on the point of; while C. on the point of; when D. on the point of; as

        18. --They all agree _____ George. Has the project been passed?

        --Who _____ George can make the final decision?

        A. except; expect B. except; besides C. but; but D. besides; but

        19. I come to tell you Jack _____ for London next month.

        A. is leaving B. is about to leave C. will leave D. would leave

        20. You can say "He went there _____, not _____."

        A. on the car; by car B.on foot; in his car C. by foot; by car D.in his car; by his foot



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