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      中华考试网   2019-05-04   【

        1、Stop making so much noise ____ the neighbor will start complaining.

        A、or else B、but still C、and then D、so that

        2、We hope to go to the beach tomorrow, but we won’t go ____ it’s raining.

        A、if B、when C、though D、because

        3、——The weather is too cold ____ March this year.

        ——It was still ____ when I came here years ago.

        A、for; colder B、in; cold C、in; hot D、for; hotter

        4、——How much vinegar did you put in the soup?

        ——I’m sorry to say, ____. I forget.

        A、no B、no one C、nothing D、none

        5、He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ____, refusing them when they turn to him.

        A、if never B、if ever C、if not D、if any

        6、——What should I wear to attend his wedding party?

        ——Dress ____ you like.

        A、what B、however C、whatever D、how

        7、——The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding. Who do you think can do the job?

        ——____ my students have a try?

        A、Shall B、Must C、Will D、May

        8、I’d like to live somewhere ____ the sun shines all year long.

        A、which B、that C、where D、in which

        9、I ____ to go for a walk, but someone called and I couldn’t get away.

        A、was planning B、planned C、had planned D、would plan

        10、——Your book, Tommy?

        ——No, Mom, it’s my friend’s.

        ——Remember to return it to ____ name is on it.

        A、what B、which C、whose D、whosever

        11、Thank you for sending us ____ fresh vegetables of many kinds. You have done us ____ a great service.

        A、不填;a B、the;a C、不填;不填 D、the;不填

        12、Now that we ____ all the money, it’s no use turning on me and saying it’s all my fault.

        A、had lost B、lost C、have lost D、lose

        13、We had a really bad time about six months ago but now things are ____.

        A、looking up B、coming up C、making up D、turning up

        14、——When did it begin to snow?

        ——It started ____ the night.

        A、during B、by C、from D、at

        15、Young as he is, David has gained ____ rich experience in ____ society.

        A、the; the B、a; 不填 C、不填;不填 D、不填;the

        16、____ from endless homework on weekends, the students now find their own activities, such as taking a ride together to watch the sunwise.

        A、Freed B、Freeing C、To free D、having freed

        17、——So you missed the meeting.

        ——____. I got there five minutes before it finished.

        A、Not at all B、Not exactly C、Not especially D、Not really

        18、——Do you mind if I smoke?


        A、Why not? B、Yes, help yourself C、Go ahead D、Yes, but you’d better not

        19、——We must thank you for taking the trouble to cook us a meal.


        A、With pleasure B、It doesn’t matter C、It was no trouble at all D、By all means

        20、____ the temperature might drop, coal was prepared for warming.

        A、To consider B、Considered C、Considering D、To be considered



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