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        101、Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true ____ it comes to classroom tests.

        A、before B、since C、when D、after

        102、If you don’t keep the meat in the refrigerator on such a hot day, it may ____.

        A、go out B、go away C、go off D、go down

        103、His letter was especially welcome as I ____ from him for long.

        A、haven’t heard B、would not heard C、hadn’t heard D、didn’t heard

        104、Examination compositions, together with most business letters and government reports, are the main situations ____ formal language is used.

        A、in which B、on which C、of which D、for which

        105、There aren’t many seats left for the concert; you had better make sure ____ two today.

        A、getting B、to have got C、that you get D、that you will get

        106、——You can’t imagine ____ fantastic fun web chatting is.

        ——Really? But it may cause a lot of trouble sometimes.

        A、what B、how C、why D、so

        107、____ friend of my grandfather’s will come tomorrow. I’m wondering how old ____ man he might be.

        A、The; a B、The; the C、A; a D、A; the

        108、——Who is making so much noise in the garden?

        ——____ the children.

        A、There are B、They are C、That is D、It is

        109、The Cleveland Cavaliers ____ the Los Angeles Lakers 108-89 in the NBA on Sunday.

        A、hit B、hitted C、beat D、beated

        110、——How did you sleep last night?

        ——Like a log. Never slept ____.

        A、well B、deeply C、better D、best

        111、——The book isn’t easy for Jack to understand, is it?

        ——____. His foreign language is far better than expected.

        A、No, it isn’t B、I’m afraid not C、I don’t think so D、Yes, it is

        112、To read Tolstoy and ____ to the nineteenth century Russian literature are two excellent reasons for taking Professor Morrel’s course.

        A、to introduce B、introduce C、being introduced D、to be introduced

        113、You’d better not wear such ties, because they ____ three years ago.

        A、went on B、went off C、went over D、went out

        114、——“Dear Frank, when will our wedding be?”

        ——“Ah, when? God knows.” He said, and ____ away from her, walked rapidly away.

        A、turning B、turned C、turn D、to turn


        ——I ____ but ____ I ____ anything unusual.

        A、watched; have watched B、have watched; am not seeing

        C、was watching; wasn’t seeing D、am watching; don’t see

        116、He ____ writing the paper now. He hadn’t written a single word when I left him ten minutes ago.

        A、shouldn’t be B、can’t have finished C、can’t be D、mustn’t have finished

        117、——Why are the tax collectors so busy?

        ——Many people prefer to have their tax forms completed by a professional rather than ___.

        A、do it themselves B、doing it themselves C、to do it themselves D、done by themselves

        118、She felt sorry that she had disturbed the ____ calmness of a man she respected.

        A、regular B、curious C、usual D、various

        119、I haven’t read ____ of his books, but judging from the one I have read I think he’s a very promising writer.

        A、any B、none C、both D、either

        120、Women have ____ equal say in affairs at home.

        A、any B、some C、/ D、an



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