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        Below is a chart showing the lifetime earnings of people with different education and at different ages. Look at the chart and write a composition of about 120 words making reference to the following points:

        1. the earnings of different ages;

        2. the earnings of different education;

        3. your own conclusion.


        This chart shows that one's lifetime earnings are closely linked with one's physical institution and education. As a rule, the young make more money than the old. People at the age of 20 to 30 are in their prime of life. When they are strong and energetic, they can work more and, as a result, earn more. People at the age of 40 to 50 earn less than those in their twenties and thirties. People in their sixties earn the least of all.

        It is also illustrated in the chart that the better one is educated, the more his lifetime earnings are. A high school graduate earns more than the one who has less than a high school education, but less than a college graduate. So one's lifetime earnings are in proportion to one's education.

        In my opinion, in this highly competitive society, I'd rather get good education before I work. If people on the average are satisfied with a master degree, I'd like to be a doctor degree. Accordingly, if many people have a doctor degree, I'd like to be a post doctorate. Then I'll be a cut above others in income and in knowledge.



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